The Easiest Way to Track, Measure and Manage Practice Performance.

EDGEPro, the eye care industry’s leading analysis software, provides easy-to-use reports on your practice performance, so you can make smart, profitable decisions.

Make Better Business Decisions For Your Practice

Find your best opportunities to boost revenue, manage your product lines smartly, and so much more! EDGEPro is exactly what you need to help you capitalize on the opportunities that exist in your practice to improve your bottom line, optimize your product mix and markup, and analyze the profitability of your managed care plans.

What Can You Do With EDGEPro?

Generate More Revenue

Where can I make more money?  Bring more cash into your practice by targeting your best revenue-generating opportunities.


Analyze Vision Plans

Which vision plans are performing best? See your vision plans side-by-side and evaluate the success of your participation accurately.

Perfect Your Product Line

Monitor your patients’ buying habits so you can eliminate poor performers and focus on profitable brands.

Certified PMS Integrations

EDGEPro is the only analysis software with certified partnerships with all major Practice Management Systems, making it safe and secure.

Rank Your Practice

With EDGEPro Rankings, find out where you’re running ahead or behind the rest of the pack with national or regional benchmarks on key metrics.

Track Staff Performance

Evaluate your staff and doctor productivity. Identify your superstars and implement smart, targeted training for your team in the areas where it’s most needed.

Access Reports Remotely

Now you can login from anywhere, on any device, to view your business performance reports.

Manage Multiple Locations

Easily isolate a single office, or compare multiple locations side-by-side or view combined results.

Reports in Your Inbox

Get a snapshot of your business activities overview direct to your email once a week or once a month.

Analyze Your Business Trends In Seconds, Not Hours!

See productivity reports by doctor, by plan, by staff member, or by department – even by day of the week.
EDGEPro allows you to filter your reporting quickly and easily so you can see how all the components of your business are performing. Your KPIs have never been easier to see and understand.

Key Performance Indicators

See productivity reports by doctor, by plan, by staff member, or by department – even by day of the week.

Find Revenue Opportunities

Learn where your practice can benefit the most, and how much revenue can be gained in specific areas.

Manage Brand Performance

Let EDGEPro show you which products are performing best, and what they’re adding to your bottom line.

It’s Smart, Accurate and Secure

Security is the number one priority for us, just like it is for you. Our protocols are consistent with, or better than, national requirements for HIPAA compliance, and we never stop working to make sure your data and your patients’ privacy is secure.

Easy-to-use Dashboards

With one click, you can view results and actionable items on all key performance metrics.


Secure & HIPAA-Compliant

3rd-party tested and approved to be highly secure and completely HIPAA-Compliant.

True Net Numbers

No guesswork, get the most accurate data and make informed decisions.

Office Managers Are More Efficient

EDGEPro is a huge time saver, helping Eye Care Professionals understand
what’s impacting their business quickly and with accuracy.

More From EDGEPro Users

Scot Morris, OD

Eye Consultants of Colorado

“When I saw EDGEPro, I knew that I had found what I was looking for. I learned how to utilize my managed care plans more effectively, how to determine my retail markup more precisely, and how to analyze who among my sales staff excelled and who needed work.”

Alan Glazier, OD

Founder ODs on Facebook

“I am able to quickly and easily get to my opportunities and share them with my team, empowering all of us to focus on the business the right way with the right information. They are by far the best performance management system in the industry.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get started with EDGEPro?
The enrollment process is easy.  Simply fill out our enrollment form and you will be up and running in seven (7) days or less.  We will take care of remotely installing the software on your server, mapping all of your products from your PMS to EDGEPro and troubleshooting any data entry issues we may see from your staff in your PMS.
Do we offer a Business Associate Agreement?
Yes. A signed Business Associate Agreement is available in your EDGEPro account and can be downloaded and printed if needed.
Will people be able to see my patients information?
We do not show the patient demographics or personal information in EDGEPro.  EDGEPro will show you the first three letters of the last name of the patient and the full first name.  This is the only information that can be seen on a transaction report within EDGEPro.
Is there a way to measure profitability of Vision Plan per patient?
EDGEPro shows you vision plan performance on many different dashboards.  By looking at how plans are performing you can calculate your profitability.
Am I able to see how my associates are performing?
Yes! You can filter by individual doctor on all of our dashboards. This will allow you to see how they are performing across the board with revenue, capture rate, complete pair sales and beyond!
Can I see capture rate for walk-in patients?
Yes! You can see the amount of successful glasses sales for your walk-in patients in our Business Overview section. From there you can calculate your rate of capture.
Do you offer consulting services so I can understand the data in EDGEPro?
We offer an EDGEPro review by request as many times as you need.  This is a consultative session with one of our top EDGEPro trainers where we show you low-hanging fruit in your practice, missed opportunities for growth and more!
Can I grant my staff access to EDGEPro?
Yes! We can set each of your staff up with individual logins so they can help you manage KPI’s in your practice.  Getting your staff involved is crucial to increasing revenue in your office. We can even limit the amount of access each staff member has.  Choose from Doctor access, Manager access or staff access. Each one of these choices allows the team member to see different dashboards in EDGEPro.
Can EDGEPro help with benchmarking?
Yes! EDGEPro has an awesome dashboard called National EDGERanks.  This will show you how your practice ranks next to the top 10% of EDGEPro users (and we have thousands of them!).  Filter by region or the entire nation; this report will even tell you how you can jump up to the next percentile range!
What if I change my PMS? Can I still access my numbers in EDGEPro? How do I go about getting my new PMS setup?
If you switch from one PMS to another you will still be able to access your old EDGEPro data.  You will have two separate EDGEPro ID’s but will be able to see your old and new system. If you decide to change PMS’ simply reach out to us to get EDGEPro installed with your new PMS.
How can I use EDGEPro for my clinic only practice?
You will be able to track your clinic performance across many dashboards! You will be able to track things such as CPT code utilization, contact lens sales, and vision plan performance.  You can also take a look at your total revenue for your clinic side of the business versus total collections and new business.
Do you show sales for sunglasses?
You can look at how you are doing with polarized sales in a few different dashboards in EDGEPro.  You can even filter this by staff member and doctor to see who is a top sunglass seller in your office!
Do you track second pair sales?
Yes! You can see the amount of successful glasses sales for your walk-in patients in our Business Overview section.  From there you can calculate your rate of capture.

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