Psychological Safety – The Most Effective Teams Get This One Right

by | Feb 28, 2020

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First identified by Harvard Business School Professor Amy Edmonson in 1999, psychological safety is as an organization’s cultural predisposition for giving candid feedback, openly admitting mistakes, and learning from each other as part of an office’s code of conduct. Why is this important to you and your team? Psychological Safety has been cited as one of the most important aspects that has led to the success of iconic companies like Google, Apple and Amazon. If you are not already on a high performance team it’s possible to cultivate it to get the best input, feedback and performance from your team.

Psychological safety is the #1 building block of company culture. Dr. Larry Golson explains what this is and how to build it into your practice culture.

  • Cultural Attributes for Success
  • The Visionary / CEO is ultimately responsible for creating and maintaining culture
  • The leader must decide what values to instill in the practice
  • Building psychological safety as the foundation to an amazing culture
  • Real-world results and case studies
About Larry Golson

About Larry Golson

Helping people enjoy life through better eye health and the best vision correction is the driving passion in life for Dr. Larry Golson. Envision Eyecare opened "cold" in 2008 with 2 team members, and has grown to a medium sized practice with a second doctor and a team of 14. Dr. Golson consults for Optometrists on a variety of topics including company culture, defining the purpose for a practice, creating SOPs, cultivating accountability and candid communication, and financial literacy.

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