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by | Aug 28, 2019

What do you get when you cross the best analytics tool in the industry with personalized custom controls? The dashboard of your dreams. GPN Technologies’ development team has been hard at work designing and building a fully customizable dashboard and a few other sweet new features for release during Vision Expo West.  

1. Customize Your Own Dashboard(s)

The new custom dashboard leads the way for our September release, with a flexible display that can be personalized by each user. Drag-and-drop to arrange the report tiles to suit your business priorities; keep your most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) right at your fingertips.

Customize your dashboard with EDGEPro

The new format lets you create multiple dashboards, so you can prioritize and track a few different views – one for optical, one for contact lenses, one for whatever your unique priorities are. We’ve provided a few view templates, if you want to focus specifically on optical or clinical, or you can choose from a suite of options to build your own custom selections. As always, your choices are automatically compared to prior periods, and you get our “up” or “down” trending flags.

2. Enhanced Opportunities Dashboard

You’ve always loved the Opportunities Dashboard, with its easy-to-understand display, showing you where you can build your optical revenue, and calculating the potential value of incremental improvements. We’ve added a very important new metric to this popular view – overall Capture Rate. You already know how vital this KPI is to your practice, and we’ve made it even easier to track. PLUS, you can see the revenue potential gains for growth with this critical metric. 

Capture rate on EDGEPro's Opportunity Dashboard

Customized Goal-Setting

 If you’ve ever wanted to try out different goals for your office initiatives in your opportunities, now you can! We’ve made the improvement targets fully customizable. You can try out various benchmarks and instantly see the potential revenue gains at different levels. We’ll save your choices for you, so you can track your practice progress. 

This customization is the first phase of our plans to help you explore and pursue the goals that will make the biggest impact in your unique business. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all in practice management, and this new option, along with our upcoming goal-tracking tools will help you design and implement the initiatives that are perfect for your needs and priorities.

Our CEO, Ed Buffington, is a big fan of these new features. “This elevates EDGEPro to a whole new level,” he says. “There is a significant difference between seeing your numbers,  in an analysis engine and actively leveraging them to inform and shape intelligent management decisions. Clearly understanding the potential impact of your choices is a game-changer. EDGEPro provides a clarity in the decision-making process that you simply can’t get anywhere else.” 

3. Transaction List Popups

The new release also features transaction-level details about the practice sales that make up many of your critical metrics. You can now drill down to the performance details from many of your favorite reports by using links that instantly deliver lists of specific transactions. Transaction support detail was available in a limited mode in EDGE 3.0, and it’s been one of the most-requested additions for EDGEPro. This new release has several fresh updates to the original format, including transaction searchability, sorting, and export options. 

Drill down to transaction-level detail in EDGEPro

“It’s incredibly useful to be able to view the patient interactions directly from the reports,” says our Chief Operating Officer, Evan Kestenbaum. “Our goal has always been to give our users deep insights into their practice activities. It’s a tremendous advantage to be able to immediately see the impact of every appointment on their bottom line – and now it’s so easy.” 

4. Improved Prints

We’ve improved the printing for our most popular reports. Better formatting, and easy-to-read layouts let you print and share with ease.

Print and share important reports with EDGEPro

Take a Tour at Expo West

We’ll be unveiling these exciting new features during the month of September. We’d love to see you at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas at our booth, #MS4053 and give you a personal tour of the new interface options. Our team will be on hand for demos of EDGEPro and its enhanced features. Stop in and have a look!

About Heidi Della Pesca

About Heidi Della Pesca

Heidi has been part of the EDGEPro team since the beginning. She’s worn many hats at GPN Technologies, been involved in development, customer care, and now heads up our marketing content creation.

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