Industry Insights

Market Intelligence for Enterprise Companies

Transform information into meaningful insights with the largest single source of real-time industry data available anywhere. Customize your results and choose from dozens of critical data points to inform your projects, developments, and business decisions.

See privacy and protection standards


Enable Strategic Programs

Ensure program compliance and enable “reward for performance” or share-based programs with reporting on your priority data points.


Fine-Tune Product Positioning

Understand performance at various price points, in specific practice environments and patient demographics so you can tailor initiatives based on consumer behavior.


Sell-Through Data

Now you can understand the entire life cycle of your products in the marketplace. Find out if they are gathering dust on dispensary shelves or sailing out the door.


Anticipate Consumer Demand

Targeting product development is one of the most difficult challenges you face. Real-time POS data illuminates brand and growth trends so you can get out in front of industry changes.

Market Intelligence

Custom research on cutting-edge topics can give you a serious business advantage.

The Metrics that Matter Most

Understand the business trends that impact every aspect of the eye care industry.


List (U&C) Price Points

List value of product and service sales – exams, clinic products, and optical products.


Patient Payments

Out-of-pocket payments: co-pays, overages, cash sales, and uncovered items.


Tapestry Data

Product performance by demographic consumption.


Modality Performance

Contextual information on product performance by modality.


Multiple Product Categories

Frames, accessories, lenses, add-ons, contact lenses, pharmaceuticals, and exam services.


Multiple Product Categories

Frames, accessories, lenses, add-ons, contact lenses, pharmaceuticals, and exam services.


Vendor / Manufacturer Level Statistics

High-level overview of product performance by manufacturer or brand “family.” 


Brand and Style Performance

Granular-level details about style performance, sell-through and POS statistics.

Data Privacy & Protection

We’re serious about privacy – for practices, practitioners, and patients.

All the information we collect is based on meticulously selected data points that never include personally identifiable information. That information is carefully and securely aggregated into anonymous statistics, which means it can never be associated with a specific practice or practitioner. Ever.


No personally identifiable information


Fully anonymous, aggregated statistics


Industry standard security and encryption

Frequently Asked Questions

How We Keep Your Data Private and Secure

Part of what makes GPN different is our dedication to keeping your data – ALL of your data – private. Here are some common questions we get about that.

Do you use my data for data insights?

All data is anonymized and aggregated before it can be included in our data research. That means we remove all private information, and we never identify any location, practice, or patient in any research project.

Then we randomly select locations for data projects. For example, the EDGERanks semi-annual reports and our recent COVID studies used about 3,000 locations.

Do you share my patient information with third-party companies?

Removing patient’s identifiable information is the first step we take when we collect data from any practice. Our EDGEPro users will tell you – they can’t even see their own patient’s names or PII. That sensitive information never makes it into our database, so we can never share it – not even accidentally.

Will anyone know which information comes from my practice?

Your practice – or anyone else’s – will never be identified as part of any data sampling. All practice information is completely removed before data is included in our market research. 

Is my data really secure?

Your data security really is important to us, and we work hard to be transparent about how we achieve that goal. Our security whitepaper has more details about the steps we take to protect your practice data.

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