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We’re monitoring the trends as the industry – and the nation – get back to business. These statistics are updated weekly, and we’re tracking national, regional and by-state results.

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Revenue Trends

Exams Trends

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Percentage of Practices Open For Annual Exams

One of the key measures of our return to business is the number of practices that are open and performing annual / routine eye health exams. Make a selection from the drop-down to view specific state(s). We’re automatically comparing this week to last week and the same period last year, and drilling down into census districts and state-by-state results.

National Revenue Trends

We’re monitoring revenue as another key indicator of getting back to business. On a national basis, the trend is encouraging as practices begin their recoveries. The differences between last week, last year, and YTD are automatically calculated to give a percentage comparison.

Routine Exam Trends

The number of exams practitioners can perform has been dramatically impacted by new sanitation and social-distancing guidelines. The average number of exams is one metric we’re watching very closely as an indicator of business activity.

Break-Even Calculator