Get the 2020 GPN Key Metrics Report

GPN Technologies has now released its Key Metrics Report for the calendar year 2020. With data drawn from over 2,000 practices, this report presents trends and industry benchmarks you can use to analyze performance and track key business metrics for your practice, along with practical advice to grow your patient base and practice revenue.

The new report details national and regional results, including year-over-year trends, in five significant Key Performance Indicators, including average revenue per exam, capture rate, optical products, professional services (clinic), and managed care plan performance.


Compare your practice performance to national benchmarks


Get practical suggestions for improving the most important KPIs in your practice

This report realizes a new direction in the publication of Key Metrics for the eye care industry. The multi-year datasets have been carefully standardized by GPN’s proprietary system, allowing thorough, complex analysis, based on more comprehensive information. This broad industry reporting provides the most useful resource available for ECPs.

GPN has promoted the same philosophy in its analytics tools and business management. Working together, they have produced an exciting report that gives optometric business owners access to critical industry insights, effective strategies for improvement, and the most comprehensive practical data available anywhere.