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Leverage the power of data

EDGEPro is the ultimate practice analytics solution for eye care professionals looking to optimize their practices, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth.

Boost your revenue

Highlight your best options for improving your bottom line.

Save time

Monitor your practice KPI’s in minutes, not hours.

Make informed decisions

Manage products, plans and personel with data.

Metrics done for you

Our experts will review your trends and provide recomendations for improvement.

Safe & Secure

The highest levels of industry standard security and HIPAA compliance protect your information.

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How Practitioners are Using EDGEPro to Transform their Businesses

Raising Staff Engagement and Productivity

“The team members need to feel that they’re part of the success of the practice. The more engaged they are, the more they can correlate their tasks to the care they provide to the patients, the more they will help build the business.”

Frank Tuffy

Lakeside Vision

23% Growth Without Taking on More Patients

“Running the business, plus handling all the additional “life activities” was just too much. I wanted to get back to that smaller schedule, but I also wanted to see my practice grow and expand.”

Samantha Hornberger, OD

Bright Family Eye Care

Expanding our Clinic Profit Centers

“Today’s ECP also has the ability to combat the factors that are slowly eroding profitability by embracing some of the many options we now have to add specialty profit centers.”

Michael Cymbor, OD

Nittany Eye Associates