EdgePRO_Flat.pngGPN is excited to announce the release of EDGEPro, a significant enhancement to their revolutionary analysis software, The EDGE®.The expanded EDGEPro platform includes new features making the practice analytics simple to understand and highlighting lost revenue opportunities, as well as providing innovative upgraded functionality for benchmarking, tracking, and spotlighting the relationships between products, services and fees that drive the business.EDGEPro has superior mobile accessibility allowing users to view their data from any hand-held device.

Turning Information Into Insight with EDGEPro

Opportunities Dashboard

Squarely in the spotlight is the powerful “Opportunities Dashboard” (illustration 1). This innovative view gives the user immediate and clear insight into the areas of their practice that have the greatest opportunity to impact their bottom line.

EDGEPro instantly demonstrates how – and more importantly, where – achievable, incremental goals can dramatically change the profitability of the business.


This dashboard view also offers an “Explore” option, where the logic behind each opportunity is fully explained. (illustration 2).





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Key Performance Indicators

Beyond offering users every Key Performance Indicator (KPI) one can imagine, EDGEPro provides filters that can assess many variables and preferences, allowing the data geeks to really pinpoint opportunities (illustration 4).


In the 2017 release, data filters are streamlined and simplified to support easier and quicker learning outcomes and the program continues to support advanced users with the line-of-sight they need by drilling down further. The update also accommodates multilocation practices for both corporate office and field use.


EDGEPro focuses on an expanded group of KPIs that typically have the most impact on any practice’s bottom line, including:

  • Lens add-ons, such as anti-reflective coatings, photochromics, blue light solutions, and polarization;
  • Lost frame sales, patient-owned frames and $0 sales;
  • Second pair sales;
  • Annual supply contact lenses
  • Much more!






Intuitive Data Grouping


EDGEPro offers a re-organization of the traditional EDGE data, re-grouping products and performance indicators, giving the user the ability to see and understand their business trends more easily, yet maintaining their ability to drill-down to the details for fuller exploration of key items. One well-received feature is the straightforward view of the various collected revenue contributors.


The EDGE has always offered three methods of interpreting product and service revenue – the “List” (or U&C pricing), “Patient Paid” (or patient out-of-pocket responsibility), and “True” which is the total revenue received from both the patient and any third-party-payer (insurance / vison care plan) compensation for each sale.


The “Practice Breakout” report, popular for years with experienced EDGE users, now offers side-by-side options, showing all three models in one view. (Illustration 5)



The data benchmarking of EDGEPro is internal, measuring the practice against itself as well as the top 10% nationally. It measures potential lost revenue based on internal statistics of the practice such as capture rate, sales without a frame, patient own frames and most importantly true net sales.


The ground-breaking EDGEMarks report offers up a complete collection of those critical KPIs that can be viewed by vision plan, by doctor or staff, and reported by month, quarter, or even by specific days of the week (illustration 6) allowing the user to make decisions based on the actual trends within their own business.


Gone is the reliance on “educated guesses” when scheduling staff or making choices regarding vision plan participation. EDGEPro allows practitioners to replace that guesswork with laser-like focus and clarity.




EDGEPro offers the industry’s only HIPAA-compliant collaborative relationships

Officemate, Revolution EHR, Compulink, Crystal PM, My Vision Express and MaximEyes. In addition, EDGEPro is the only certified integrated partner for Eyefinity Practice Management and Acuity Logic.


Soon to be added to the GPN family of HIPAA compliant relationships will be Foxfire and UPRISE. All integrations provide automated secure nightly data uploading that produces freshly updated dashboards every morning, as well as weekly and monthly "Snapshot" automated emails.


“EDGEPro is the result of pairing top-flight data analysis and proprietary A.I. with thoughtful understanding of the real-world needs of practitioners. With this platform, we’re turning information into insight,” says GPN CEO & President, Jay Binkowitz. “We’ve been listening closely to our clients, and EDGEPro delivers exactly the right data in exactly the right way, bringing the most critical indicators to the immediate forefront for clear and easy understanding, while still allowing users to drill down into the vital details.


Delivering a product that supports actionable information has always been our mission and EDGEPro is a best-in-class tool to provide business owners and managers with their true net information and outcomes. I am proud that we are providing all of our clients with the upgrade to EDGEPro as well as providing access to upcoming new optional features”.