Through proven co-management strategies the GPN EXPERTeam, led by your Success Coach, will work with you and your staff to implement initiatives that result in greater efficiencies and increased profit 

The results of the dmp program include:

  • gpn_boardroomgirl.jpgIncreased revenue and profitability
               On average, DMP clients see a 30+% increase in revenue
  • Productive vendor relationships
  • Clearly defined operational efficiencies
  • Improved team knowledge, accountability and performance
  • Security of knowing your GPN Success Coach is maximizing your ROI




The DMP begins with a 100-day Discovery Phase which is a thorough examination of the current state of your practice.  During this phase our EXPERTeam will be collecting and analyzing a comprehensive collection of data from your practice while your Success Coach will be getting to know you, your staff and gaining insights into your future goals and objectives.


Together, we will design a customized program that will achieve your potential and we will introduce that plan to your staff at a Kick-off Meeting.

During the Implementation Phase, your Success Coach will work closely with you and key staff members to put the plan into action, training your team where necessary to insure alignment with the goals of the program.

We will continue to co-manage your optical and deliver the on-going training and high-impact programs needed to achieve the goals and objectives we have agreed on.



  • Weekly communication with key staff members
  • Monthly and quarterly Impact Reviews
  • Weekly and monthly score-boarding and sales contests
  • On-going product knowledge and sales training
  • Regularly-scheduled, on-site visits
  • Access to bi-annual, off-site DMP-specific workshop training meetings