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New EDGEPro Features Puts You in Control

We're always working to make our software better and easier to use. Check out the new, customizable dashboard, transaction drill-downs and we've even added a new KPI to your opportunities dashboard.

Fine-Tune Your Practice Specialties With This Easy Tip

Specialty services can be a big draw for your practice. Many practices create new initiatives to attract new patients or boost an under-performing part of the business. If you’re thinking about starting a new campaign, or trying to drive new business for a specialty service, don’t forget to plan for tracking!
Customize Your CPT Reporting with EDGEPro

Your CPT Codes Can Tell You Something Important

Gauging Patient and Practice Behavior with CPT Codes CPT codes are the US standard for describing and billing optical and medical services in a healthcare setting. The acronym “CPT” stands for...

CPT Code reporting

Key Performance Indicators for Contact Lens Sales

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the clinic are every bit as important as they are in the optical. Your contact lens capture rates are critical in understanding your practice performance and...

Contact Lens KPIs

Doctor Performance: Basic Clinic KPIs

Clinic KPIs 101 Opticians and staff aren’t the only ones who need to have their performance measured. Doctors / providers also need to be aware of their own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)....

Your basic clinic KPIs count!

Optical Staff Evaluation – Your KPIs in Action

Optical KPIs on a New Level We’ve spent several weeks now reviewing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in your practice. Specifically, we’ve been recently looking at KPIs in your optical; we...

Optical staff KPIs

Lens Add-ons: KPIs that Drive Profits

Lens Add-ons Are Critical to Your Practice Profitability In our previous article, we reviewed the basic Key Performance Indicators for lens sales. (Read it here.) In this article, let’s dig in to...

Lens Add-ons KPIs for Clinic

Critical Optical KPIs: Your Lens Sales

Next stop, Key Performance Indicators for lens sales. We’ve been digging in to the optical over the last couple of articles, covering optical capture rate, and frame revenues. Profitable lens...

Opitcal products KPIs



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Results for May 2020

Revenue per patient
Revenue per exam
Average frame sale
Capture Rate
Anti-Reflective %

How does your practice compare? Track your performance metrics with EDGEPro.

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