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Your CPT Codes Can Tell You Something Important

Gauging Patient and Practice Behavior with CPT Codes CPT codes are the US standard for describing and billing optical and medical services in a healthcare setting. The acronym “CPT” stands for Current Procedural Terminology, which is used to accurately detail...

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CPT Report Tracking

Avoiding the Activity Trap

  The Activity Trap Management theorist George Odiorne, who was instrumental in developing the theory “Management by Objectives,” coined the very useful phrase “Activity Trap” years ago. Loosely defined, when you fall into the activity trap, you become so busy...

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Be more efficient and avoid the activity trap.

Kaizen and the Art of Incremental Improvements

  Incremental Improvements are Key to Success Recently, I've become fascinated with the concept of "Kaizen." Even the term "Kaizen" is something that rings a familiar bell at EDGEPro. Broadly defined, Kaizen (which translates literally to "Good Change") is the...

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Make your optometric practice better with continuous improvement processes.

Putting the Welcome in the Welcome Center

Your Welcome Center: Building Relationships from Moment One What's the most important function of the welcome desk when meeting a patient for the first time? Beginning the patient relationship. The experience that a patient has at the welcome center establishes the...

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Welcome Center

Doctor Performance: Basic Clinic KPIs

  Clinic KPIs 101 Opticians and staff aren’t the only ones who need to have their performance measured. Doctors / providers also need to be aware of their own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It’s a definite fact that providers can significantly influence...

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Your basic clinic KPIs count!

Managed Vision Care Benefits and Patient Dialogue

  Misfiring with Patient Dialogue We miss big when it comes to communicating the value and advantages of the managed vision care benefits! Our profession has conditioned patients/consumers to say: "I just want what’s covered!" or "What's covered?" However,...

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Managed Vision Care Patient Dialog