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9 New Rules for Frame Merchandising

A definition of insanity? According to my mother and other reliable sources, it is repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result. I believe it’s time to reclaim our sanity and get out of the flat-growth rut. I developed the New Rules of Optical...

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EDGEPro Adds Three New Features

 EDGEPro Adds New Features for Analysis When you have the industry’s finest analysis platform, and your development team comes up with three great new features that make it even better, it’s time to celebrate. EDGEPro just got three fantastic updates that give you...

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Measuring Exam Performance

Understanding and Tracking Your Exam KPIs in EDGEPro™ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) describe the basic performance of your practice in quantified (expressed in numbers) terms. We are all familiar with the most common KPIs, like capture rates, AR percentages, and...

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Optical Capture Rate

Today, we’re going to take a look at Optical Capture Rates, what that means, and how to use EDGEPro to track these numbers. Essentially, the term “capture rate” refers to what percentage of our exams result in the sale of a particular type of product or service. The product or service being measured could refer to any part of your practice activities. For Optical Capture Rate, we’re going to look at the results of our exams in terms of lenses, frames, and complete eyewear (both frame and lens pair).

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Patient Owned Frames

Patient Own Frames may represent one of your biggest potential areas for improving your revenue stream. It’s also “low-hanging fruit,” meaning it’s easy to see and easy to improve. While you won’t overcome the objections of every patient that wants to re-use a frame, you can definitely implement strategies for addressing this hurdle with your patients.

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Assess Frame Inventory

One of the great value propositions we provide for the right patient experience is on-hand selection. Folks too often feel they still need to shop because we did not provide enough of a selection, hence a low turnover and conversion rate. Let’s go over the retail strategy of less is more.

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Practice information is critical to managing the challenges and creating successful strategies. But you still need to bridge the gap between ‘having the data’ and using it to make smart choices in managing your business.

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It comes around every year – that point when it’s time to evaluate the current year’s performance and make some plans for the upcoming year. Most of us start these analyses at the end of the calendar year – like, now. We’ve asked our industry experts what the most important considerations for trend analysis are when thinking ahead. They’ve offered us three key points as a good starting place.” We’re sharing these with you over the next few days, to help you maximize your practice planning for 2018.

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Finding Your Vision

Most business owners are familiar with the concept of a "mission statement;" it's the quantified statement about what the purpose of your business is – why are we here? Less well known, but arguably even more important, is the idea of having a vision statement for...

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