About GPN Technologies

GPN Technologies provides data-driven solutions tailored for the eye care industry. We empower eye care businesses with valuable insights and tools that enable them to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and drive sustainable growth. By combining cutting-edge analytics with industry expertise, we strive to be the trusted partner that helps businesses thrive and succeed in a competitive market.

Our goal is to transform the way eye care professionals approach their business, making data accessible and actionable for every aspect of their operations, ultimately elevating the standard of care and business performance across the industry.

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How we serve the eye care industry

Our comprehensive suite of tools empowers professionals at all levels to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and achieve their business goals with confidence.

Optimize your practice

EDGEPro Analytics

EDGEPro is the ultimate practice analytics solution for eye care professionals looking to optimize their practices, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth.

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GPN Enterprise

Custom-designed tools and dashboards to help you meet your business goals, monitor rewards programs, track market share, and empower your sales team.

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GPN Insights

Get a custom data set. Explore the possibilities in research, reporting, and industry analysis with point of sale data from tens of millions of transactions.

Our Story

At GPN Technologies, our journey began in 2005 with two successful partners who wanted to share their ideas with other independent practitioners. Each of them brought something unique to the table; Jay Binkowitz, as an expert in business management with experience in manufacturing, supply, and retail, and Mark Stadlen, an OD with a busy optometric practice in a highly diverse neighborhood, who had sharp insight into the unique challenges of eye care business.

Together, they were able to build a remarkably successful practice in one of the most competitive marketplaces in the country. By consistently measuring the results of their tactics, they developed and refined a practical strategy for improving revenue that they believed could be used to benefit any practice. The two men founded GPN (then branded as “Group Purchasing Network”) as a manufacturing and buying group enterprise.

Jay and Mark partnered with Evan Kestenbaum, a recent MBA graduate, who had grown up in an optometric family and was seeking to break into consulting. They found common ground in understanding of the value of objective measurements in business development. Together, they began to look for ways to share their expertise on a broader scale, so they could help independent practitioners improve their businesses by using a metrics-based approach.

In 2008, the company turned those management strategies into the industry’s first data analytics program. With this new tool, the partners were able to reach far more practices, making data-driven management accessible and meaningful in small business settings. This unique system eventually became the basis for The EDGE, the company’s first electronic platform, developed in 2009.

Since then, GPN has partnered with top organizations, including EHR systems, alliance groups, and manufacturers, to become the industry’s leader as the most trusted data resource. Today, GPN’s flagship product, EDGEPro Analytics, has over ten thousand users nationwide, and our technology processes more than fifty million transactions every year.

Our Mission

GPN Technoligies creates innovative, data-driven technologies to help our clients grow revenue and increase profits.

The GPN Leadership Team

C. Edward Buffington

President and CEO

Josh Ponsano


Nirav Vibhakar


Katie Lauver