Welcome to GPN

Jay Binkowitz, President & CEO

Ten years ago, I was determined to find a way to help independent practice owners gain control of their businesses. After talking to hundreds of ECPs it was clear that a lack of understanding and training was the root cause for so many unrealized dreams and expectations. The time and energy invested in providing patient care dwarfed what was needed to operate a successful business.

We made it our mission to educate, inform and train everyone we could and to start eating the elephant one bite at a time. Through the development of proven business strategies, tools and a little patience we overcame many obstacles on behalf of all ECPs.

After spending years in the field visiting practices, we developed the industry’s first true Dispensary Management Program followed by a remote coaching and mentoring program that dug deep into how to generate profit vs how to merely increase revenue. Without both you gain nothing and too many ECPs were generating more revenue without keeping enough of it. Working harder and making less is the formula for failure. Both personally and professionally.

We proudly introduced the first foundational strategies for profiting with Vision Care Plans, as well as Board Management, Lens Bundling and overhauling the patient / staff experience into a more socialized environment. We were, and still are, rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done.

Along this journey, we knew everyone would benefit from gaining insight into their “key performance indicators” (those baffling numbers) that drive our businesses – what was really generating revenue, where were the opportunities to make improvements?  More importantly, how do we impact them and achieve our potential?

Working with a group of industry experts and drawing from our own experiences running and operating practices, we knew what was needed. We created the first system to measure and track key aspects of the eyecare business, The EDGE®.

The EDGE is the performance management tool that answers all of these questions and so many more. Today, I am proud that The EDGE is the leading data and metrics platform used in the optometric industry. Over the years we have continued to evolve The EDGE to meet the dynamic changes in our field so that independents remain competitive and make well-informed decisions about their businesses.

This year we introduced an enhanced EDGE platform, EDGEPro. With EDGEPro doctors will be able to see opportunities and trends in a clear intuitive display and it provides real business scenarios that suggest paths to improvement. The product also features an enterprise system that collates information from multiple locations into one concise dashboard. The full EDGEPro platform will be introduced in early 2017.

The combination of our DMP program and The EDGE allow us to bring true resources and expertise to independents. All of this combined with the support of our EXPERTeam of optical professionals, led by GPN Success Coaches, helped ECPs realize their true potential. Since we started offering DMP, our clients have experienced a 30+% growth in their net optical revenue – as well as double digit decreases in cost of goods. This, aligned with practice efficiencies and processes, equips independents with the necessary business tools to succeed.

ECPs are facing steep challenges that are not getting easier. With GPN’s collaborative programs, resources and tools they have been able to make breakthroughs to achieve peak performance. However, what truly sets our company apart is that every member of the GPN team understands that the success of our clients' businesses is our only business. That is our shared passion, and it drives a continued commitment to excellence.