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The EDGE® is a unique business philosophy that provides web based information in the form of graphics, charts and visuals. We transform complex difficult to understand data from your practice management system to easy to understand reports that measure and track your business. This information is imperative to support the impact of your decisions. EDGE® members also receive one-on-one private consultations, business webinars, best practices, and business resources.

Why You Need The EDGE®

We all understand the importance of tracking the performance of our businesses. Unfortunately most of us find it challenging to get it done due to time restraints and the complexities of creating reports. The EDGE® makes it easy as we provide a simple to use philosophy that keeps you in control with just minutes a week. The EDGE® is a business management tool that does not require you to have a business management degree to use and understand.

→ Track Clinical & Optical Business

The EDGE® understands you own more than one business and as such provides real time information you need to understand the performance of your clinic and optical. And The EDGE® provides you with the answers to the most important questions as it goes beyond the results and gives you the knowledge to impact your business. 

→ Monitor Vision Plan Profitability

Monitor each of your Vision Plans side-by-side to see how they are performing. How long would it take you to know which plan has the highest average frame price, the highest percentage of anti-reflective coatings, the highest percentage of Transitions? How much time would you have to dedicate to uncover how your team is doing with each plan and or which products and services are making you money and which ones are not? The EDGE® provides you with the answers in just a minute of your time.


→ Measure Staff Performance

Easily observe your sales team side-by-side to see who is reaching the goals. Average Frame Sales, Lens Sales, AR%, 2 nd PAIRS and so much more can be filtered by day, week, month, year, doctor, staff, plan and product. The knowledge you need to impact your business with just a few minutes of your time.


→ Get The Information You Need & Save Time

Having The EDGE® means that you no longer need to waste hours and days of your time generating static reports or creating endless complex spreadsheets. You will be impressed at how much knowledge you can get about your business in a very short amount of time. 


→ Dashboard Style Views

The dashboard-style views and The EDGE® business management philosophies provides you with the tools to grow your business.





Practice Management Systems

The EDGE® seamlessly works with the following Practice Management Systems:


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