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Scot Morris, OD

Eye Consultants of Colorado

"When I saw The EDGE®, I knew that I had found what I was looking for. I learned how to utilize my managed care plans more effectively, how to determine my retail markup more precisely, and how to analyze who among my sales staff excelled and who needed a little more work."


Alan Glazier, OD

Shady Grove Eye & Vision Care

"GPN™ comes in and executes . . . they get the job done. They isolate issues, suggest fixes, and go to bat for you when you need it. They modernize your optical effort from the ground up, enabling you to compete in the vastly different landscape that exists in today's world of internet and big box store competition. They support your entire team from soup to nuts, adding the highest level of knowledge and industry experience availble to your team. Joining their Dispensary Management Program is the best."


Ben Gaddie, OD

Gaddie Eye Centers

"I have known and worked with Jay Binkowitz and the GPN™ team for years. The EDGE® and their consultative programs are invaluable to me as they have helped me identify areas of opportunity and assisted with the implementation of new business strategies, resulting in a big return on investment. I highly recommend GPN as they are a much needed resource for independents."


Carolyn Martin, OD

Eye Boutique of Sedona

"When I was contemplating opening an office on my own, a friend and colleague said to me, 'I thought I was doing well with my practice until Jay Binkowitz got ahold of it. I had no idea how much more profitable I could be. You need him on board with you from day one.' Jay has been working with me from the inception of my practice. He has taught me the business of eye care from the ground up. His experience, knowledge and expertise are invaluable to me. I could not imagine starting a practice without him. Because of Jay and the entire GPN team, I was and remain a huge success from day one."


Thomas Arnold, OD

Today's Vision

"I have been an EDGE® member for four years and it has been a tremendous help to our practice. It is a great way of pulling data from my practice management software and actually looking at it in ways that are useful. It is great that we have data at our fingertips to analyze, to set benchmarks, to incentivize the staff, and create realistic goals. The EDGE® is intuitive and graphical and makes all the data easy to understand for the doctor and also to share with the staff. I like the idea that we can individualize the reporting for every member of my team and stimulate discussion. The practice doesn't just happen to my staff; they are a part of making it happen."


Megan Crabtree

Mt. Airy Eye Care

"When we first started working with GPN, I reluctantly cooperated because I was busy taking care of patients and did not understand the value of the changes I was being asked to make. But I kept an open mind and when I did follow through with the GPN philosophies we were rewarded with double-digit increases. Now I see the benefits of following the GPN strategies and I am totally on board. The truth is, that although I have a lot of experience in the industry and was quite confident, I did not receive a formal education in retailing and business management. The GPN team is my personal support team and I know the practice and all of our careers are more secure. The competition and expectations of patients have become more difficult. GPN gives us the resources we need to compete."


Neil Draisin, OD

Draisin Vision Group 

"In our first 6 months using Jay and GPN he uncovered cost overruns from our labs.  We initiated meetings with our labs and Jay negotiated new pricing and at the end of the year we had saved $45k costs and increased sales by $45K...a $90 swing.  The edge program helps us know what each optician is producing in sales. It helps us manage our business more efficiently.  His staff has taught us how to handle the complexity of the optical world much more efficiently that we ever had in the past.  Jay works 24-7 to help his clients stay on top of their game. We are in our second year using the GPN program and we would not want to be with out it.  He has also taught the staff the art of bundling lens packages to continue to be more efficient and productive in our optical shop, too."


Brian Kane, OD

Family Eyecare Clinic

"The EDGE provides me with the information I need simply and quickly. This program plays a role in our success today." 


Bryan Rogoff, OD

Optometric Consultant

"The Edge is an amazing addition for your practice, as it analyzes the data from your EHR. But more importantly, Jay Binkowitz and the GPN group teaches you and your staff your opportunity costs, as well as how to identify the potential revenue you've missed!"