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Imagine being able to optimize your business practice efficiencies with ease, increase revenue and realize a distinct advantage over your competition. Meet GPN™ - the leading business management company in the eye care industry!  GPN's unique business tools, along with the GPN™ EXPERTeam are focused on building infrastructure and profit for independents.  Read the following testimonials and ask those who already appreciate the facilitation of the winning EXPERTeam at GPN™.

"After more than 30 years with a lackluster optical shop as part of Wolf Eye Associates I gave Jay and GPN carte blanche to redesign and reinvigorate the entire operation. The physical changes have been magnificent, and the financials are starting to show fantastic improvement as well (just had our best month ever and our optical staff is not yet completely  trained in the GPN way of doing things)!  Am I happy?  You bet!"
Kenneth Wolf, MD

"When I saw The EDGE™, I knew that I had found what I was looking for." - "I learned how to utilize my managed care plans more effectively, how to determine my retail markup more precisely and how to analyze who among my sales staff excelled and who needed a little more work,"
Scot Morris, OD

"For the first time since being in private practice I feel my staff and I have an understanding of what actually happens in the dispensary.  Jay and his team have taught one key staff member and myself where we were losing money in the dispensary and how to track it in order to correct it.  He has also taken a good employee and made her great.  With the tools Jay has given us she can and does, run the dispensary, analyze the numbers and makes decisions that are making me money.
"My only regret is that I did not enlist Jay six years ago when I first heard of him and he had not yet made it onto the national scene.  The dollars I’ve paid Jay have been the best consulting dollars I’ve spent."

Joseph A. Schnorbus, OD

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